"What’s great about NAF is their mindset. Their organization takes the role of what community banking used to do. The lender understands the business, and is shepherding the investment."

Michael-jon Pease, Executive Director

Piece by Piece, Putting it Together

The last four months feels more like four weeks; it’s gone by so quickly. As you probably know, on Jan. 1, 2017, MAP for Nonprofits and Nonprofits Assistance Fund merged to become one organization, offering a broader and deeper range of programs and services for nonprofits. Our larger team of staff, volunteers, and board members has accomplished a lot in the last four months, and we’re excited about much more to come.

Here’s an update:

“NAF loves it when we are able to use our resources to help organizations like YouthLink do great work.”

Lu Hang, Loan Officer/Financial Specialist, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

“NAF’s work is to help – no shame, no blame.”

Nieeta Presley, Executive Director, ASANDC

"NAF is proud to help EMERGE acquire a welding business, which will provide another path to self-sufficiency for its clients."

Allison Wagstrom, Portfolio Manager, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

"NAF has incredible knowledge and will answer all your questions. They are a nonprofit and believe in nonprofits, which makes such a difference."

Leah Hebert, Executive Director, Open Arms

"We are proud to partner with NeDA as they help make affordable housing a reality for more families."

Lu Hang, Loan Officer/Financial Specialist, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

“NAF is the biggest cheerleader to our success – a member of our team who wants us to do well.”

Trina Olson, Executive Director, PFund Foundation

"We are honored to partner with Free Arts Minnesota as they use arts to help local youth process some tough issues."

Lu Hang, Loan Officer/Financial Specialist, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

“NAF is proud to work with The National Eagle Center as it celebrates and honors America’s eagles.”

Phil Hatlie, Senior Loan Officer, Nonprofits Assistance Fund