Our staff consultants provide expert guidance for your organization’s unique situation, collaborate with board and staff leadership to develop a variety of strategic choices, and deliver practical and impactful solutions that make a difference both short and long-term. We work with you to address issues and provide solutions related to:

  • Understanding the strengths and challenges of your organization’s financial situation, history, and business model.
  • Identifying options and key decisions needed to strengthen financial health and stability Developing a strategic financial plan to support your mission and vision.
  • Analysis of the true cost of programs and guidance for managing the balance of mission and money .
  • Clarifying and refining your structure, policies, and practices for financial management and oversight.

Like all of Nonprofits Assistance Fund’s programs, our financial experts are here to help you strengthen your capacity to address unexpected events, finance new opportunities, and realize strategic goals.

Contact us to begin a conversation that will help your nonprofit thrive.

"NAF is a great resource for us. We are fortunate that Blandin is supporting this, so I take advantage of it whenever I can."

Katie Marshall, Executive Director, MacRostie Art Center