Balancing the Mission Checkbook

Mind the Gap: True Program Costs

Imagine this budget planning conversation at a human services nonprofit:

“The county wants to expand our contract! Isn’t that great?”

The easy answer is: Yes! We can provide more services in our community! But the smart answer is: It depends.  In this example, we’d need to ask ourselves a couple financial questions:

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Nonprofit Survey Results

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Nonprofit Survey Results
“It’s been a rugged three years for Minnesota’s nonprofits, years characterized by economic instability, management uncertainties, and fundamental shifts in a once-familiar external landscape. Still reeling from significant financial downturns, many nonprofits have used the last few years to take a long, hard look at their internal capacities and financial requirements.”

Nonprofit Outreach Specialist (VISTA)

The Nonprofits Assistance Fund AmeriCorps VISTA project will help culturally-based nonprofits build and strengthen financial health and stability with training, one to one guidance and counsel (technical assistance), and financing for working capital and facilities.

Spring Cleaning: We're giving away office furniture and printers

We're making room in our office for our soon-to-be new hires. Are you in the market for some gently used office furniture?   Come and get it!  Free, but you need to pick it up.  Links have photos of the amazing offers!

It's Never About the Donuts

I felt sick to my stomach. After a month of avoiding a serious look at our budget and a reforecast for the next six months, I was seeing a deficit of ($80,000). I knew that grant funding had not come in as expected and that donations were slower than previous years. I knew that we had included more stretch goals than baseline fundraising goals. I rechecked my forecast as the dread and fear sunk in.

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