Balancing the Mission Checkbook

It's Never About the Donuts

I felt sick to my stomach. After a month of avoiding a serious look at our budget and a reforecast for the next six months, I was seeing a deficit of ($80,000). I knew that grant funding had not come in as expected and that donations were slower than previous years. I knew that we had included more stretch goals than baseline fundraising goals. I rechecked my forecast as the dread and fear sunk in.

Come work with us! Accounting and Operations Associate

Do you love accounting?  How about making things run smoothly?   Then this might be your next job.  We are hiring an Accounting and Operations Associate to join our team.  Nonprofits Assistance Fund offers an energetic work environment and an opportunity to be an integral part of a growing organization.  This is a full-time position.  Send Curt your application by April 10th!

6 Takeaways From This Year's #npfinance

It’s been a couple of weeks since the 4th Annual Nonprofit Finance and Sustainability Conference that Nonprofits Assistance Fund co-hosts with Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and I’m still thinking about the topics, questions, and discussions from that day. The conference could not have had a better start than the keynote from Rodney Christopher, a Director on the Capital Deployment Team at F.B. Heron Foundation, on building strong nonprofit enterprises. Rodney invited us all to “let our nonprofit finance geek flags fly” and then provided us with inspiration and aspiration, with a strong dose of reality.

Community Development Officer (Come work with us)

We are excited to announce a new position here at Nonprofits Assistance Fund: Community Development Officer. If you are interested in buidling connections, relationships, and program partnerships with nonprofits and love nonprofits, we invite you to apply.

Want a nonprofit with flexibility, resilience, and durability? If only …

The #1 issue for almost half of the nonprofits included in a national survey is "achieving long-term financial sustainability." The most common responses for what they need to achieve long-term financial sustainability, are: “more revenue”, “more grants”, or “more general operating support.” If only we had more income ... If only.

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