Nonprofits need access to capital

Curt Klotz addresses the need for nonprofits to have capital and how Nonprofits Assistance Fund, and many other CDFIs around the country, fill those needs.

Mission-oriented workplace in action

As Ellen Jefferys-White prepares to start on a new adventure, she reflects on her time at Nonprofits Assistance Fund and what her work has meant to her.

When losing business is the goal

In this post, Kate Barr tackles these tough questions: Why would an enterprise be happy when their customers stopped using their services? Isn't the goal of business to increase customers, services, and revenue? Would you celebrate if your organization’s revenue declined?

Can operating reserves be fun and games?

Building sufficient operating reserves does not happen overnight and can often feel like a daunting task. Steve Boland suggests nonprofits find ways to make this financial goal more enjoyable by implementing gamification tactics.

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today

Steve Boland encourages nonprofits to define and determine the values of resources, opportunities and trade-offs in their financial planning.

Breaking down the biggest barrier to nonprofit financial health

Capital isn't only for for-profit companies anymore. Kate Barr breaks down that barrier, and discusses why nonprofits need to think beyond breakeven and redefine capitalization as an opportunity.

Conference visionary or conference victim?

After the Nonprofit Finance and Sustainability Conference, Curt Klotz challenges nonprofit leaders to be conference visionaries instead of conference victims. How can we turn knowledge into action?

CDFIs work to align capital with justice

As a CDFI, Nonprofits Assistance Fund is asked what that means. In this post, Michael Anderson unfolds the mystery of CDFIs and why our work is important.

I need my space: Deciding the right course for your nonprofit’s office needs

Facilities costs are often the second most expensive line in a nonprofit budget. Steve Boland highlights some tools to understand your total costs of occupancy, how your space can impact your mission and what to consider when owning a property.

How I learned to love cash reserves

“What is the ideal target amount for a nonprofit to have in an operating reserve?” The answer is not simple or universal. In this post, Kate Barr gushes about her love of cash reserves and why your organization should love them, too.