Depreciate your way to a healthier nonprofit

Depreciation is seldom given the respect it deserves. For many who are first encountering the term, it is a mysterious financial concept best considered only by CPAs. At Nonprofits Assistance Fund, we hold depreciation among our favorite tools for building reserves and planning for the future stability of an organization.

Earned revenue by any other name smells as sweet

In this blog post, Steve Boland helps nonprofits to focus less on the term earned revenue and more on the value it brings.

When losing business is the goal

In this post, Kate Barr tackles these tough questions: Why would an enterprise be happy when their customers stopped using their services? Isn't the goal of business to increase customers, services, and revenue? Would you celebrate if your organization’s revenue declined?

Giving the board what they need, when they need it

How does your nonprofit communicate financials to your board? Stephanie Jacobs defines the three modes of board governance, and explains the types of resources and information that makes sense for each mode.

Can operating reserves be fun and games?

Building sufficient operating reserves does not happen overnight and can often feel like a daunting task. Steve Boland suggests nonprofits find ways to make this financial goal more enjoyable by implementing gamification tactics.

Because that is when the Nile River floods

Steve Boland shares a piece of history with us to explain why legacy practices may not always make the most sense in today's changing environment.

Cut your budget smartly to avoid whittling away your mission

In light of the national budget debate, Curt Klotz tackles important financial drivers to consider when preparing your own nonprofit's budget.

Breaking down the biggest barrier to nonprofit financial health

Capital isn't only for for-profit companies anymore. Kate Barr breaks down that barrier, and discusses why nonprofits need to think beyond breakeven and redefine capitalization as an opportunity.

Creating context: Benchmarks in nonprofits

Setting nonprofit financial benchmarks can tricky, requiring contextual information. In this post, Steve Boland shares some resources available to help determine the appropriate benchmarks for your organization.

Taking our medicine

Kate Barr shares what it means for Nonprofits Assistance Fund to be our own client.