How Board Members Can Learn to Spot the Red Flags

Here we go again. A few weeks ago Nonprofit Quarterly reported about the fallout from reports by FEGS Health & Human Services in New York of an unexpected $19.4 million loss:  changes in the executive office and cuts to programs and budgets. Like many others in the sector, one of my first reactions is to ask, “Where was the board?”

Is your board on board with financial leadership?

Stephanie Jacobs writes about four concepts board members need to understand to be effective financial leaders.

Do you equip your board for financial strategy?

In this post, Kate Barr stresses the importance of preparing financial reports for you boards, and why they always need to be more than just data and numbers.

Giving the board what they need, when they need it

How does your nonprofit communicate financials to your board? Stephanie Jacobs defines the three modes of board governance, and explains the types of resources and information that makes sense for each mode.

Nonprofit Mythbusters: Our board members are supposed to raise money – true, or false?

In this post, Kate Barr crushes the myth that nonprofit boards are responsible to raise money, and instead offers creating new board job descriptions.

Why board members miss the red flags, part 2

In this post, Kate Barr continues a theme on why board members miss red flags, focusing on underlying issues.

Why board members miss the red flags

Kate Barr unfolds the reason why boards often miss the red flags in financial reports.

Executive Directors embracing financial leadership

Kate Barr recaps the eight key business principles that are essential for financial leaders, a cheat sheet from "An Executive Director’s Guide to Financial Leadership".

Shared leadership might trump succession plans

Kate Barr focuses on shared leadership as a method to strengthen organizations, especially in the event of losing key staff.

The worst financial decision ever

What happens when state policy meets daily reality at nonprofits that deliver public services? A very real impact on nonprofits like Minnesota’s charter schools.