Busting the Nonprofit Overhead Myth starts with you

When the topic of overhead costs comes up, there is always a shared sentiment that we need to work together to change the emphasis on this single ratio and focus on quality, results, and impact. In this blog post, Kate Barr urges nonprofits to communicate beyond overhead, and it can begin with changing your financial pie chart.

Be provocative: Embrace your nonprofit-ness

Last week, Nonprofits Assistance Fund and Minnesota Council of Nonprofits presented our 3rd Annual Nonprofit Finance and Sustainability Conference. The turnout was fantastic: 415 nonprofit staff and board members. Our keynote, Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, set the conference, and Twitter, abuzz with his great lead on the theme Embracing our Nonprofit-ness.

Something for everyone

Last week, I celebrated my one year anniversary at Nonprofits Assistance Fund. As I was reflecting back on what a great year this has been with an amazing organization, I recalled what my first few weeks on the job were like.

Embrace your overhead

In this blog post, Curt Klotz joins in on the overhead discussion by encouraging us to establish a framework that overhead is building organizational infrastructure.

Capitalizing on the Nonprofit Sector’s Strengths – Proudly!

In this post, Kate Barr highlights the keynote for our 2014 Nonprofit Finance & Sustainability Conference and why she thinks you should join us next month!

The Nano- Micro- Mini- Nonprofit MBA: Program Management (Course 3)

Stephanie Jacobs brings us the next course in the Nano-Micro-Mini- Nonprofit MBA. She focuses on program management and what nonprofit leaders can do to stay on track.

A Nano- Micro- Mini- Nonprofit MBA (Course 1)

In this post, Curt Klotz introduces an opportunity for nonprofit staff to learn about financial management in a way other than higher education: through our blog.

Mission-oriented workplace in action

As Ellen Jefferys-White prepares to start on a new adventure, she reflects on her time at Nonprofits Assistance Fund and what her work has meant to her.

Are you picking up what we’re putting down?

In this blog post, Stephanie Jacobs poses the question to our training and consulting clients, "Are you picking up what we're putting down?" in hopes it will help NAF rebuild and redesign our training program.

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today

Steve Boland encourages nonprofits to define and determine the values of resources, opportunities and trade-offs in their financial planning.