Overhead – good, bad, or both?

In this blog post, Kate Barr responds to "The Overhead Myth" and poses some important questions for all of us to consider.

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today

Steve Boland encourages nonprofits to define and determine the values of resources, opportunities and trade-offs in their financial planning.

Navigating our Mission-Money Matrix

Kate Barr reports back on our experience of "being our own client" and how these conversations led to exciting breakout sessions at our 2013 Finance and Sustainability Conference.

Creating context: Benchmarks in nonprofits

Setting nonprofit financial benchmarks can tricky, requiring contextual information. In this post, Steve Boland shares some resources available to help determine the appropriate benchmarks for your organization.

Taking our medicine

Kate Barr shares what it means for Nonprofits Assistance Fund to be our own client.

How I learned to love cash reserves

“What is the ideal target amount for a nonprofit to have in an operating reserve?” The answer is not simple or universal. In this post, Kate Barr gushes about her love of cash reserves and why your organization should love them, too.

Hear ye, hear ye – Overhead is over

There was a breakthrough last week for nonprofits. In a joint announcement, Guidestar and other major charity “watchdogs” made a very strong case that overhead ratios are meaningless.

Donors and overhead: Maybe they don’t care

I’m convinced that the reason that people care about the overhead ratio of charities is because we keep telling them that it’s important. I have an announcement to make: I am a donor to quite a few nonprofits, and I don’t care what percentage of their budget is spent for overhead.

And you thought you had cash flow problems

At Nonprofits Assistance Fund we frequently talk with managers of nonprofit organization that are facing cash flow shortfalls. It’s really common that the of timing income and expenses gets out of sync. Kate Barr shares our cash flow template to help you assess your organization's cash position.

Measure something

Kate Barr stresses how important it is for nonprofits to measure, quantify and share the results of their programs to the community.