Balancing the Mission Checkbook

Want a nonprofit with flexibility, resilience, and durability? If only …

The #1 issue for almost half of the nonprofits included in a national survey is "achieving long-term financial sustainability." The most common responses for what they need to achieve long-term financial sustainability, are: “more revenue”, “more grants”, or “more general operating support.” If only we had more income ... If only.

How Board Members Can Learn to Spot the Red Flags

Here we go again. A few weeks ago Nonprofit Quarterly reported about the fallout from reports by FEGS Health & Human Services in New York of an unexpected $19.4 million loss:  changes in the executive office and cuts to programs and budgets. Like many others in the sector, one of my first reactions is to ask, “Where was the board?”

New Offering: New Possibilities

Every nonprofit leader knows that none of us can achieve our mission and vision alone. Here at Nonprofits Assistance Fund we're able to work closely with other organizations in ways that multiplies our impact.

Programmatic Sustainability: Are we there yet?

How do you know your programs are sustainable? Do you have the tools to tell you how you are doing, or are you like the kid in the backseat wondering, “Are we there yet?”

Eliminating the fear of finance in the nonprofit sector

Kate Barr issues an invitation to those who embrace financial leadership: let’s eliminate the fear of finance from the nonprofit sector.

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