Balancing the Mission Checkbook

Social Enterprise COULD Be Your Next Step


Even though social enterprise is a concept that has been around for a while, there is still some confusion about exactly what it is. Usually the questions that come up immediately when social enterprise is mentioned are: (1) What is social enterprise? and (2) Is it a viable revenue option for my nonprofit? So we’re going to begin with a definition of the concept, and then identify some critical areas to evaluate to determine if there is a social enterprise opportunity that is the right fit for you.



Finance That Imitates Program

Oscar Wilde once said, “It’s not art that imitates life, but life that imitates art.” In the nonprofit world, it’s not program that imitates finance, but finance that imitates program. Or at least it should be. There is an art to designing finance systems that reflect our programs. Well-structured financial systems amplify our mission effectiveness because they are designed around and in support of our programs and not the other way around.

Metablogging: Six Year-End Recommendations

Blogging about blogs, I guess it’s come to that as I look back at highlights and ideas from 2015. I’m a sponge for information, ideas, and insights and this has been a good year for all of them. No one wants me to send out an encyclopedia of what I learned this year, though, so here are six highlights.

Three of my favorite blogs posted this year by Nonprofits Assistance Fund:

Join the NAF Team! Program Coordinator Position

Nonprofits Assistance Fund is excited to welcome a new Program Coordinator to our team. If you have experience with nonprofit organizations and excellent organizational and communication skills, we'd love to talk with you. Applications are due January 15th. A full description of the position can be found here

Lessons Learned in Minnesota’s Stalled Pay-For-Performance Financing Initiative

Minneapolis, Minnesota – December 7, 2015 –The Minnesota Legislature authorized an innovative social impact financing pilot in 2011 to issue state bonds for pay for performance based contracts to expand effective social services.  A report released today by Nonprofits Assistance Fund examines why, while pay for success initiatives have moved forward in other states, Minnesota has failed to issue the appropriation bonds authorized in the Pay For Performance Act of 2011.

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