“We are honored to support WCC as it expands its facility to provide vital mental health counseling to individuals, couples, and families.”

Lu Hang, Loan Officer/Financial Specialist, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

Watercourse Counseling Center (WCC) provides general mental health counseling for individuals and families, and couples counseling for adults and children. Besides the two community clinics WCC operates in Minneapolis, it also provides school-based mental health services. It partners with Minneapolis Public Schools to operate clinics that are designed to support and enhance education outcomes for students at risk by helping students and their families deal with mental health issues that interfere with learning.  The organization offers services in English, Spanish, Somali, and Oromo.  

Since 2012, WCC has doubled its income and added more employees.  Therefore, it needed to expand its south Minneapolis clinic. WCC explored selling its building and then buying or renting another one; however, it decided its best option was to add an additional 960 square feet of accessible space to its current building, more than doubling the size of its main floor. Nonprofits Assistance Fund is proud to provide a real-estate loan to WCC as it develops the facility it needs to better serve its clients.