"We are proud to support TCGIS, recognized as one of the best schools in Minnesota, as it develops a new facility to immerse its K-8 students in German.”

Phil Hatlie, Senior Loan Officer, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

Twin Cities German Immersion School (TCGIS) is chartered as a K-8 school. In K-2, students receive inclusive and sequential instruction in seven main areas including German Language Arts. English Language Arts is added in the 3rd grade, and students have the option to add Spanish Language Arts in the 6th grade, making TCGIS one of the few immersion schools with a three-language program. As part of TCGIS’s immersion philosophy, each spring the graduating 8th graders travel to Germany for two weeks, and the German partner school students travel here each fall.  

When TCGIS purchased property on Como Avenue for a new school location, bonds were issued for it. However, after the bond financing was secured, additional expenses were identified and the bond financing was no longer sufficient. NAF was honored to provide a loan for additional improvements to its building. According to test scores, TCGIS is one of the best schools in the state, and it continues to grow with an estimated enrollment of 470 in FY 2016.