"We were thrilled to help Third Street Clinic open its pharmacy where there was a need in the community. This social enterprise initiative generates revenue to expand TSC's health services."

Phil Hatlie, Senior Loan Officer, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

Third Street Clinic (TSC), serving residents of Grand Forks/East Grand Forks, makes medical services available to those who are currently "falling through the cracks." TSC calls itself a clinic without walls.  It does not provide any direct services, but sets up appointments with its many medical/dental partners and provides a voucher for services.  While prescription drugs are also free, there is no pharmacy in the area. Therefore, TSC is establishing a full-service pharmacy as a social enterprise to offer services on a sliding-fee scale for low- and middle-income residents.  In addition to providing low-cost medicine to those who qualify, TSC also will provide pharmacy service to an area currently without it, with 100% of the profits going back to TSC to support its other health-related programs. NAF was happy to provide a loan to TCS for the start-up costs remaining after in-kind support from the building owner and a Grand Forks Community Development Block Grant. This pharmacy will help residents afford their medication and will generate income so TSC can expand its services.