“Nonprofit Assistance Fund’s expertise has been invaluable for surviving a very challenging period in our organization, and in a tough economy. It’s helping us get a new strategy in place, with a good chance of success."

Kent Pekel, President and CEO at Search Institute

Search Institute is an internationally-recognized research organization dedicated to discovering what young people need to thrive in their families, schools, and communities. In 2012, Kent Pekel was named CEO and President of the organization. He decided he needed an outside perspective on the financial operations of Search Institute, and contacted Nonprofits Assistance Fund to give a review of the organization’s systems, structures, and processes. The initial work led to a discussion about the change in Search Institute’s business model. “We began with some very narrow technical issues,” Kent recalls, “and when it became clear that NAF’s resources were deep and Curt brought a ton of experience to the table, we quickly expanded the dialogue.” With the help of NAF’s Finance Director Curtis Klotz, Search Institute is working to transform their business model from research and in-house publishing to research, publishing with an external affiliation, and providing consulting for schools and youth development programs.