“We hope to not need NAF in the same ways we have in the past. But we always know NAF is here to provide support and be the safety net for nonprofits in case we do need them.”

Monica Meyer, Executive Director at OutFront Minnesota Community Services

OutFront Minnesota Community Services  works toward LGBT equality across the state.  Internally, the organization faced some serious challenges in 2007 when they no longer qualified for grants they received in the past. They had also just come off a large scale, successful but expensive legislative campaign.  Struggling to make ends meet, they received a loan from Nonprofits Assistance Fund to finance cash flow gaps in order to provide services to Minnesota’s LGBT community. Without the loan, OutFront would have closed.

When leadership changed in 2011, NAF provided trainings on financial reporting and board development. With a stronger infrastructure and stable finances, OutFront was ready for the busy election year ahead. OutFront’s ultimate goal is to someday be out of a job because then Minnesota is an equal state for all, regardless of who you are and who you love. 


Photo credit: Anna Min of Min Enterprises Photography