“We are very proud to support MN SNAP as it opens its new facility to better serve the community and its 4-legged clients.”

Lu Hang, Loan Officer/Financial Specialist, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program (MN SNAP) provides high-quality, affordable and accessible spay/neuter services to animals within underserved/low-income communities, animals within the rescue/shelter system, and feral cat communities.  MN SNAP offers services throughout Minnesota where cost, transportation, or the absence of veterinary services is an obstacle to spaying and neutering. 

On August 16 MN SNAP opened a new facility, an 11,841-square-foot warehouse on Washington Avenue in northeast Minneapolis.  The newly renovated space, where it can perform surgeries in-house, is conveniently located, easily accessible, and has space for education and outreach activities.

To date MN SNAP has performed more than 74,000 surgeries, preventing an estimated 350,000 first-generation births and millions more that would have followed in subsequent generations.   It primarily had accomplished this via a mobile surgery clinic that enabled its teams of veterinarians and veterinary technicians to perform on-site surgeries for dogs, cats and rabbits.  The mobile surgery clinic, which will continue to provide this service, has traveled 175,000 miles across Minnesota to more than 150 different locations.

NAF is honored to partner with MN SNAP by providing a loan for the renovation of the warehouse. This will streamline MN SNAP’s operations, improve efficiency, and most importantly, enable it to save more dogs and cats and help more families in need.