"The biggest aha moment was that it is not realistic to get to a zero budget. I always thought that was what you were supposed to do. I always thought, ‘Aren't we just making that up?’ And in fact, yes, we are. So for a professional to say, yeah, your intuition is right about that, opened the door for me."

Rev. Kelli Clement, Executive Director at Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

The Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is celebrating their 25th year. Even with their long history, MNRCRC continues to be the only nonprofit faith voice in the state of Minnesota around the issue of reproductive justice. Reproductive justice affirms support for women & families who are making difficult reproductive decisions. Executive Director Rev. Kelli Clement first heard about Nonprofits Assistance Fund from board member Sarah Mollet. Together they agreed that they lacked the financial insight they needed to prepare and understand their financial reports.

When Rev. Kelli met with Allison Wagstrom, she was immediately put at ease. Allison affirmed that she doesn’t need to know finances to learn about nonprofit financial management. Allison gave Rev. Kelli the tools she needed to create a budget that made sense to her as well as everyone on her Board of Directors. She explained what it meant to have assumptions and most importantly told Rev. Kelli to trust her intuition.

Now MNRCRC has a flexible budget that everyone understands. She presented it to her Board and they agreed to revisit MNRCRC’s budget throughout the year to check progress. After meeting with Allison, Rev. Kelli has noticed a significant change of attitude, “We are much more eager to tackle financial conversations in our board and committee meetings because it doesn’t feel like we are talking about something that I don’t understand.”

Rev. Kelli Clement and her Board set a goal to gain more financial acumen, and after working with Allison, they are well on their way to achieving it. Rev. Kelli looks forward to reaching a sustainable future, with enough growth to have a little cushion. As the only faith voice in Minnesota surrounding reproductive justice, she knows they have a lot of work ahead in Minnesota as well as regionally, but Rev. Kelli is ready to meet that challenge.

Photo credit: Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice