“The program officers get so much out of this hands-on training. It’s practical and relevant. This training always receives some of the highest ratings on our program evaluations from our members every year.”

Maria Salas, Director of Member Services at MCF

The Minnesota Council on Foundations (MCF) is a membership organization for grantmaking organizations in Minnesota. One of its key roles is to provide high quality services to its members on effective grantmaking skills, including training, professional development and networking opportunities. Grantmakers need a solid understanding of nonprofit finance and must know how to read and interpret nonprofit financial statements that are submitted with grant proposals.

Trainings around nonprofit finance are in high demand at MCF. Nonprofits Assistance Fund developed an interactive, engaging training for program officers to help them analyze nonprofit financial statements and recognize the indicators of a financially healthy nonprofit. With one-on-one guidance from NAF trainers Phil Hatlie and Curt Klotz, program officers used financial reports from the grant proposals to calculate ratios and recognize signs of financial strength or weakness.