"I called [NAF] and talked about our thrift store idea. We had been crunching numbers for a year. Steve looked at our business plan and said, ‘Absolutely do this', which was exactly what we needed. Without NAF, without that push, we would probably still be sitting here waiting to do it."

Kris McNally, Co-Executive Director at Industries, Inc.

Industries Inc, a nonprofit in Mora, MN, helps adults with developmental disabilities find employment.  For over a year, they had been contemplating opening a thrift store. This social enterprise became a critical component for the organization’s financial security and strategic plans. They had already crunched their numbers, completed area research, and created a business plan, but needed an extra push to move forward.

Kris McNally, Co-Executive Director at Industries Inc. called Nonprofits Assistance Fund in November 2012 after hearing about their financial advice services from a fellow nonprofit executive.  NAF reviewed their numbers and business plan, reassuring them that a thrift store was the right decision. They returned to NAF in January 2013 for a loan to help them buy a storefront for their thrift store. GoodWorks Thrift Store opened on June 19, 2013. In just three months, the store has provided employment to 70 clients, a 33-50% increase than projected. The community response has been overwhelmingly positive, and now the thrift store serves as a common space within the community;  a place where people with disabilities can work and interact with the public on a daily basis. 


Photo credit: Joel working as cashier at GoodWorks Thrift Store. Industries, Inc.