“We were still really small. We had no financial staff—as treasurer, I was doing everything from helping pay the electric bills to developing the annual budget. Steve came in and helped us with the balance sheet and the basics. We couldn’t have made it through on our own.”

Julia Wells, Board Treasurer at Cycles for Change

Cycles for Change is a Saint Paul-based organization which provides bikes, education, and mechanical support for low-income families. They promote community development and environmental and financial sustainability by teaching non-bikers how to ride and fix bicycles, and encouraging them to take a larger role in community discussions and events. In 2010, Cycles for Change was awarded a $100,000 grant, but soon found themselves confused as to how the grant worked, and turned to Nonprofits Assistance Fund for help. NAF provided resources and one-on-one guidance for several months, helping Cycles for change manage their grant, and held a special training session for their board members. Today, Cycles for Change is shifting some of their resources towards consulting and aiding community bike shops across the state. They plan to become an even larger voice in Minnesota’s thriving biking community.