“What spoke volumes was the experience of NAF and the comfort in knowing that you knew our business and our mission and you knew what we wanted to do with this building.”

Jeff Washburne, Executive Director at City of Lakes Community Land Trust

The City of Lakes Community Land Trust is dedicated to providing permanently affordable housing in Minneapolis. Starting as an arm of PRG, a nonprofit in South Minneapolis, CLCLT dreamed of owning a space one day. As they grew as an independent nonprofit, it became clearer that leasing wasn’t the right option. After a series of rejected purchase offers, Nonprofits Assistance Fund approached Executive Director Jeff Washburne about an old, run-down building on Glenwood Avenue in North Minneapolis. Jeff knew this location was where CLCLT needed to be and they bought the building. When the space needed substantial renovations, Jeff Washburne contacted Nonprofit Assistance Fund for a loan to finance the project. This loan combined with significant pro bono work enabled CLCLT to completely rehab the property to reinvest back into the communities they serve.