As a nonprofit staff or board member, you want your nonprofit to thrive. Finances get a whole lot easier and more surefooted when you have the right leadership skills, knowledge and tools to make this happen. 

Our trainings provide you with the competence, confidence and capability you need. Whether you want to accurately manage your organization’s finances or make effective strategic decisions, we have a training to help. We make financial information accessible no matter your financial background. Our trainers are engaging and insightful experts who want to help you be the best in your role. 

What You Will Learn

We offer a comprehensive curriculum on a variety of financial management and leadership topics. Check out our full list of trainings to find the training that best suits your needs.  

If you are interested in the governance trainings offered by our new partner, MAP for Nonprofits, you can check that out here

At NAF our trainings, you will develop practical skills, engage in strategic thinking, and build advanced financial management capabilities. After attending our trainings, you will understand how mission and money work together, and the important relationship between planning, strategy, and financial position. You will be able to identify financial issues and have the capacity to address them. With improved financial information, your organization will not only be prepared for what’s ahead but will be proactive in making changes to meet your mission.

Join us at an upcoming training or call us to talk about scheduling a customized training for your organization.