Special Initiatives


From time to time Nonprofits Assistance Fund has the opportunity to develop and manage special initiatives to provide one or more services for a group of nonprofits. Special initiatives are often developed through our strong connections with community partners. Each initiative is designed to meet a specific need in a community and to help nonprofits build their knowledge, skills, and capacity to thrive. 
Special initiatives are generally targeted to a specific type of nonprofit, a community or region, or a pre-selected cohort. These initiatives are valuable for the groups participating in the initiative and as opportunities for learning and research for Nonprofits Assistance Fund and our partners.
Special initiatives are one more strategy for Nonprofits Assistance Fund to respond to the needs of nonprofits and the communities they serve.

Current Initiatives

Healthy Nonprofits, Healthy Communities in Itasca County

Nonprofit organizations located in Itasca County, MN, are invited to identify and act on their highest priorities for capacity building through the Healthy Nonprofits, Healthy Communities program. Three services are available with the program: office hours to provide technical assistance, consulting for organizational priorities, and periodic learning opportunities. 

Social Enterprise 

The Social Enterprise Program is a grant and training initiative designed to help nonprofits build their financial sustainability and identify alternative sources of revenue. Organizations in this program utilize practical tools, training, facilitated discussion and consulting to develop business plans that advance or expand mission-related social enterprise activities.


"It’s just been great knowing and having a long term relationship with Kate. She really understands where we have been and also now, where we are going. We have really felt that NAF has our back, and is really fighting for us and believes in us. That is very important."

Chris Fischbach, Publisher at Coffee House Press