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Lessons Learned in Minnesota’s Stalled Pay-For-Performance Financing Initiative

Minneapolis, Minnesota – December 7, 2015 –The Minnesota Legislature authorized an innovative social impact financing pilot in 2011 to issue state bonds for pay for performance based contracts to expand effective social services.  A report released today by Nonprofits Assistance Fund examines why, while pay for success initiatives have moved forward in other states, Minnesota has failed to issue the appropriation bonds authorized in the Pay For Performance Act of 2011.

The Value of Evaluation – What we Learned About Our Work

“They’re going to do whatever they can to help you succeed.”

Earlier this year, we engaged a consultant to conduct an in-depth evaluation of our programs. We wanted to learn more about the real impact that our work has with our nonprofit clients. We set out to answer the following questions, and more:

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Nonprofit Survey Results

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Nonprofit Survey Results
“It’s been a rugged three years for Minnesota’s nonprofits, years characterized by economic instability, management uncertainties, and fundamental shifts in a once-familiar external landscape. Still reeling from significant financial downturns, many nonprofits have used the last few years to take a long, hard look at their internal capacities and financial requirements.”

Eliminating the fear of finance in the nonprofit sector

Kate Barr issues an invitation to those who embrace financial leadership: let’s eliminate the fear of finance from the nonprofit sector.

150 million reasons to celebrate

Special Edition: Cumulative lending to nonprofits of $150 Million!

A new kind of diversified investment portfolio

The Mission Investors Exchange annual conference will be held in Minneapolis this week, and in this blog post, Kate Barr reflects on the returns of a diversified investment portfolio.

Busting the Nonprofit Overhead Myth starts with you

When the topic of overhead costs comes up, there is always a shared sentiment that we need to work together to change the emphasis on this single ratio and focus on quality, results, and impact. In this blog post, Kate Barr urges nonprofits to communicate beyond overhead, and it can begin with changing your financial pie chart.

Ten things to celebrate in 2013

Year end is the time for “Best of” lists, so we’re adding our list of Ten Things to Celebrate in 2013 at Nonprofits Assistance Fund.

Every nonprofit needs a trusted advisor – Everyone needs a Phil Hatlie

Curt Klotz talks about what it means to be a trusted advisor, and how Nonprofits Assistance Fund can be one for your nonprofit.

Motivation is the Mother of Change

In this blog post, Stephanie Jacobs reflects on what it takes to create change within an organization: motivation. She provides conditions in which you can help increase motivation for change and some resources to help you get there.