Introductory information for a nonprofit to understand and assess their financial condition, assess their financial management practices, and identify priorities for planning.

Blog Articles in Fundamentals

Is your board on board with financial leadership?

Stephanie Jacobs writes about four concepts board members need to understand to be effective financial leaders.

Build financial leadership to follow the golden rules

In this blog post, Stephanie Jacobs recaps a recent training about the twelve golden rules of nonprofit finance.

Don’t be embarrassed to budget for a surplus

Stephanie Jacobs pulls inspiration from our conference about how nonprofits shouldn't be embarrassed about budgeting for a surplus.

Start me up: Financing the new nonprofit

Nonprofits Assistance Fund regularly gets inquiries from nascent nonprofits seeking start up funding. While we do not provide loans to new nonprofits, Steve Boland suggests five ways to help plant and grow your nonprofit’s finances.

How do I start a nonprofit?

This is by far, one of the most common questions we get at Nonprofits Assistance Fund. However, Kate Barr suggests that the question they should be asking is, “How can I help to address this important community need?.”