Capital, Loans, and Facilities

Information on the sources and use of capital at nonprofits, including reserve funds, how loans can be used for operating and long term purposes, and the financial aspects of leasing, buying, financing, and owning facilities

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To Build, Buy, Beg, Borrow, or Boldly Lease

For nonprofits, the choice of office space or program space matters. Who doesn’t want the perfect environment that inspires our clients or fuels the passions of our staff and contributors?  Our mission, our brand, and our success can all be tied up in the location and building our organization calls home. With this much at stake, how we go about getting that perfect space matters, too.  Should we own it or lease it?  Should we build it or renovate it?  Should we fundraise for it or borrow for it? 

Clear the Fuzzy Thinking About Nonprofit Reserves

When I want to push nonprofit leaders to think about finances more comprehensively than their annual budget, I have a simple exercise that I use:

Imagine that a surprise gift arrives at your organization from a loyal and honorable donor, with no restrictions or strings attached, equal to 20% of your annual budget. What would you do with this windfall?

Want a nonprofit with flexibility, resilience, and durability? If only …

The #1 issue for almost half of the nonprofits included in a national survey is "achieving long-term financial sustainability." The most common responses for what they need to achieve long-term financial sustainability, are: “more revenue”, “more grants”, or “more general operating support.” If only we had more income ... If only.

New Offering: New Possibilities

Every nonprofit leader knows that none of us can achieve our mission and vision alone. Here at Nonprofits Assistance Fund we're able to work closely with other organizations in ways that multiplies our impact.

Can I have some more slack, please?

Kate Barr writes about the payoffs of building organizational cushion, both in staff time and financial reserves.

A new kind of diversified investment portfolio

The Mission Investors Exchange annual conference will be held in Minneapolis this week, and in this blog post, Kate Barr reflects on the returns of a diversified investment portfolio.

Nonprofits need access to capital

Curt Klotz addresses the need for nonprofits to have capital and how Nonprofits Assistance Fund, and many other CDFIs around the country, fill those needs.

Mission-oriented workplace in action

As Ellen Jefferys-White prepares to start on a new adventure, she reflects on her time at Nonprofits Assistance Fund and what her work has meant to her.

When losing business is the goal

In this post, Kate Barr tackles these tough questions: Why would an enterprise be happy when their customers stopped using their services? Isn't the goal of business to increase customers, services, and revenue? Would you celebrate if your organization’s revenue declined?

Can operating reserves be fun and games?

Building sufficient operating reserves does not happen overnight and can often feel like a daunting task. Steve Boland suggests nonprofits find ways to make this financial goal more enjoyable by implementing gamification tactics.