Board of Directors

This topic includes information related to: the board of directors, reports for the board, roles and responsibilities, working with the board, being on a board, and recruiting board members.

Resources in Board of Directors

This expert guide outlines essential steps as: transforming your annual budget analysis; deciding whether or not income diversification is the way to go; achieving a robust reserve; and equipping your board for effective financial governance.

This resource provides 12 signs that your nonprofit will be financially healthy over the long term.

A nonprofit board is ultimately responsible for the financial health of the organization. To best fulfill that fiscal responsibility it is important to understand the organization’s financial situation to make informed decisions and provide strategic leadership.

If the idea of creating a financial policy seems daunting, this basic guideline for policy development may be helpful.

Use this checklist to assess your organization's financial management practices and identify areas for improvement.

How do you reinvigorate the treasurer's and finance committee's roles so that they play a strategic part in oversight, planning and governance? This article lays out some great tips to help your board and committee get on the right track.

In this video, learn about the audit process, review the contents of an audit report, and discuss how to use this information to improve your organizational management.

This resource outlines the types of financial reports that are needed as well as how to present the information to the Board.

This resource explains financial structure of nonprofits, broken down into four core components. These components: revenue mix, infrastructure and expenses, program cost, and capital structure, define the business model that creates value for the community and sustains the business entity.