Correlation, causation, and communication

Steve Boland stresses the importance of using financial reports to tell stories, and the impact those stories can have on the mission of your organization.

Creating context: Benchmarks in nonprofits

Setting nonprofit financial benchmarks can tricky, requiring contextual information. In this post, Steve Boland shares some resources available to help determine the appropriate benchmarks for your organization.

Not enough pain, not enough gain

Steve Boland talks about a hard reality that some nonprofits have to face from time to time: making program cuts in order to save an organization.

Incentives, disincentives, and knowing the difference

Steve Boland defines and explains the differences between incentives and disincentives to help you understand how mission and money work together.

How does your (financial) garden grow?

Steve Boland digs deep into calculating program costs and the differences between financially-sustaining and mission-sustaining programs.