The value of relationships

At Nonprofits Assistance Fund, we find ways to quantify most things. But in this blog post, Michael Anderson discovered something you can't attach a numerical value to: relationships.

Money talks matter

There are many things that influence organizational culture, and money is one of them. Michael Anderson encourages nonprofit organizations to kick money fears to the curb with a few easy steps.

Aligning staffing models with business models

In this post, Michael Anderson addresses ways to maximize organizational impact by matching skills with appropriate staff.

When is a deficit OK?

Michael Anderson explores the questions nonprofit staff and boards need to consider when a budget deficit occurs. If you use the resources available, a deficit can be less scary.

Registration is open for inaugural Finance and Sustainability Conference

Michael Anderson shares why Nonprofits Assistance Fund is excited for our inaugural Nonprofit Finance and Sustainability Conference with MCN. Read this post as a preview of what to look forward to and register today!