Free to Be You and Me: A Financial Story

You do not need to be me, your accountant, your former boss or your treasurer.  You get to be you.

Stumped (and freaking out)

I was working on a project that had me stumped.  There were multiple ways that I could go with the financial analysis and recommendations, and I was overwhelmed with the options facing me.  Working at Nonprofits Assistance Fund is like being on the dream island for nonprofit financial problem solvers, and so I asked my colleagues. 

I got three separate answers from three very different financial leaders. 

It's Never About the Donuts

I felt sick to my stomach.  After a month of avoiding a serious look at our budget and a reforecast for the next six months, I was seeing a deficit of ($80,000).  I knew that grant funding had not come in as expected and that donations were slower than previous years.  I knew that we had included more stretch goals than baseline fundraising goals.   I rechecked my forecast as the dread and fear sunk in.  Then I got t

The Innovation Sector

Innovation is essential to community and economic health. You often hear about innovation coming from the tech community—but what about in our sector? Nonprofits are constantly creating new solutions to old problems, and new ways to deliver those solutions. That’s innovation. Let’s ignite the conversation about how our state and region can continue to innovate and improve.  Following are some nonprofits doing truly innovative work in our community. 

Cookie Cart – Baking Bright Futures

Nonprofit Outreach Specialist (VISTA)

The Nonprofits Assistance Fund AmeriCorps VISTA project will help culturally-based nonprofits build and strengthen financial health and stability with training, one to one guidance and counsel (technical assistance), and financing for working capital and facilities.

Spring Cleaning: We're giving away office furniture and printers

We're making room in our office for our soon-to-be new hires. Are you in the market for some gently used office furniture?   Come and get it!  Free, but you need to pick it up.  Links have photos of the amazing offers!