Insomnia and Upset Stomachs: Sounding the Alarm for Solid Nonprofit Finance

There are all kinds of measures and metrics for the financial health of nonprofits, and there are some golden rules to practice in order to ensure stability, flexibility, and sustainability in operations. We believe in this so much that we’ve identified the 12 Characteristics of Financially Healthy Nonprofits.

Pretty Bad Best Practices

In our experience here at NAF, most nonprofits are really good at following rules. And yet, when we give presentations encouraging them to step up their game by having reserves and being innovative and strategic, we hear time and time again, “That all sounds great, and we’d really love to do those things, but we can’t. We don’t have the flexibility.”

Who Pays For the Common Good?

The recent news of Minnesota’s Crisis Connection closing due to shortfalls in funding is a powerful case study in the financial and strategic issues that face nonprofits.

And it raises a gigantic, thorny question: What is the balance between serving the common good and the financial realities of nonprofits?

Financial Management is a Teachable Skill

One of our foundational beliefs at NAF is that the nonprofit sector is chock full of potential for financial savvy.

8 Lessons from the Front Lines of Nonprofit Arts Management

Over the years, NAF has worked with a wide range of arts organizations: small, large, urban, rural, and spanning an array of mediums, audiences, and missions.