“They understand the charter school model. The entire process was easy, clear and timely. Having a line of credit enabled us to have peace of mind, continue to meet our students’ needs, and maintain our fund balance for the school’s future security.”

Dave Hagman, Director at Northern Lights Community School

In the small town of Warba in northern Minnesota, Northern Lights Community School excels with non-traditional youth and special needs students. Despite their strong financial management, when it came time to modernize their building, NLCS had a difficult time securing credit. They applied for a loan at Nonprofits Assistance Fund and that’s when the relationship began.
Working together, the school updated their facility, monitored their cash flow more rigorously and refined their financial processes. This helped Northern Lights Community School navigate a changing economy and uncertain state budget. When they realized they needed a line of credit to manage these changes to continue to provide excellent educational services, Nonprofits Assistance Fund was there.