“I always saw NAF as partners helping us fulfill our mission. They are partners, not vendors, not adversaries, and I still think of them as that way.”

John Kemp, Executive Director at Neighbors Inc.

Neighbors, Inc provides supportive and emergency services for individuals in Northern Dakota County. After 26 years in their space, Neighbors had outgrown their facilities to efficiently provide food, clothing and other social services to their community. In early 2010, they found a building in South Saint Paul, but its layout was not ideal and required substantial renovations. Having prior knowledge about Nonprofits Assistance Fund, Executive Director John Kemp knew he could call for financing solutions.

The new space required a capital campaign of $2.5 million to cover the purchase cost and renovations. A loan and sound financial advice from the Nonprofits Assistance Fund guaranteed the completion of Phase I renovations. This phase allowed Neighbors to expand many of their programs to better serve clients. Phase II of renovations is planned for the summer of 2012 which will provide additional space and comfort.