“We are very grateful and appreciative to work with Nonprofits Assistance Fund for the loan, obviously, but also the knowledge we are gaining.”

George Boody, Executive Director at Land Stewardship Project

As an organization that works to transform food and farming systems, it is just as important for the Land Stewardship Project to be in the inner city as to be in rural Minnesota. When the old fire house where they lease offices in South Minneapolis became available to buy, LSP wanted to make sure it remained a vital part of the community. This location is convenient for their members, providing access to the capitol, universities and other partner agencies with ease.

While a bank real estate loan was a viable option for LSP, Nonprofits Assistance Fund provided the loan flexibility and financial management guidance LSP needed. In the future, the Land Stewardship Project looks forward to preserving the fire house exterior and making green and accessible renovations on the inside, while also strengthening the organization’s financial health and sustainability.