“NAF is honored to support Indigo Education, which in turn then provides such valuable support for the special education programs in many of our area charter schools.”

Lu Hang, Loan Officer/Financial Specialist, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

Since the birth of the charter school movement in Minnesota more than 20 years ago, Indigo Education has helped charter schools implement quality special education programming that aligns to state standards, at the same time keeping the needs of each school’s unique mission and vision at the center of its work. While state standards continue to evolve and challenges in the special education field arise, Indigo Education’s core principles and mission have remained unchanged: an enduring commitment to provide exceptional service and leadership with integrity. Indigo Education’s team of educators partners with more than 80 charter schools and serves 3,500 students with an Individualized Education Plan, with more than 30% of the schools being clients of NAF. Indigo Education is committed to ensuring the best possible education for all children by providing training to client schools it the areas of test administration, de-escalation skills, due process, and serving the needs of students with extensive needs. During the 2018 fiscal year, Indigo Education will expand its services to the coordination of programs that serve English Language Learner (ELL) students.

Because of the seasonal nature of Indigo Education’s business model, NAF is proud to provide a line of credit for working capital, supplying funds primarily for payroll expenses during the school year.