"This is a small South Minneapolis high school serving primarily Latino students who have not always done well in traditional schools. In 2014, 10 seniors were targeted for graduation at the beginning of the school year. All 10 graduated and were accepted to 4 year colleges."

Phil Hatlie, Senior Loan Officer, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

El Colegio Charter School is a public high school in Minneapolis with an inter-disciplinary arts integrated approach to teaching and learning. The school engages students in challenging, profound learning experiences that integrate research-based teaching strategies with Latino culture and traditions. Charter schools in Minnesota are a unique hybrid of nonprofit organization and public school. This structure gives school leaders and teachers the resources along with the autonomy to be innovative to serve their students. NAF provided a working capital loan to El Colegio to manage the timing of payments from the State. Supporting the cash flow fluctuations of charter schools is an area of expertise for NAF and we're proud to include El Colegio as a client. The school has been recognized locally and nationally as an innovative force in improving achievement for Latino students and other students of color, many who are first generation high school graduates and many who are attending and completing college.