"We're so honored to support Compatible Technology International's unique social enterprise initiative that provides economic opportunities while promoting food security for the rural poor around the world."

Phil Hatlie, Senior Loan Officer, Nonprofits Assistance Fund

Compatible Technologies International (CTI) designs, engineers, and distributes simple farm technologies (mostly non-electrical) that help families and communities process their crops more effectively. CTI promotes food security by designing, building, and distributing devices for food after it is harvested.  CTI’s devices help farmers process, store, and sell their crops, improving nutrition and providing economic opportunities for the rural poor. They sell their products to business or other nonprofits in Africa, Central America, and Central Asia. Much of the expertise in the organization comes from volunteers (including retirees from Cargill and General Mills) and interns from U.S. engineering universities. Their products include manual grinders, peelers, slicers, and huskers; solar dehydrators; storage sheds; and simple water chlorination systems. NAF has partnered with CTI for several years by providing a line of credit for unanticipated cash flow needs. Alexandra Spieldoch, the Executive Director, finds the line of credit a particularly helpful tool when she is managing cash flow while traveling internationally.