“Nonprofits Assistance Fund understands nonprofit finance and they got our mission. They gave us credit when we needed it and helped us implement the solid systems we needed to manage a growing organization and be successful.”

Sean Kershaw, Executive Director at Citizens League

The Citizens League is an organization dedicated to finding the common ground for the common good, working to build civic capacity in Minnesota. Due to their excellent reputation and work in the community, the organization was expanding quickly. The new opportunities were exciting, but they also led to financial challenges. The Citizens League had worked with Nonprofits Assistance Fund in the past, and they reached out to Janet Ogden-Brackett to help identify solutions to move forward. 

In addition to providing a loan, Janet did several trainings with the Citizens League board of directors and staff. Through those trainings, she helped them understand the true costs of their programs, unpack some confusing accounting, and improve their financial management. She also worked with the board to help them understand the nuances of nonprofit financial reports, enhancing their oversight. As Executive Director Sean Kershaw recalls: “We didn’t know what we didn’t know, so Janet helped us better understand what had happened and how to fix things.”