“The information is fabulous. They always say it takes two to teach, you have to give to learn. The relationship is fabulous at Nonprofits Assistance Fund. You cannot put a price tag on that.”

Dr. Michael Helgeson, Chief Executive Officer at Apple Tree Dental

Apple Tree Dental brings dental care to people who would otherwise be without: low-income families, the elderly and those with disabilities. Back in 1998 when Apple Tree was a mobile dental clinic, Dr. Helgeson contacted Nonprofits Assistance Fund for a loan to help build their first stationary dental clinic. Over the years Dr. Michael Helgeson has attended several financial management workshops and learned everything he needed to know about cash flow and budgeting from Nonprofits Assistance Fund.

In March 2012, Apple Tree had four delayed DHS payments totaling over $200,000. In order to make payroll, Apple Tree needed a loan to bridge cash flow due to the delayed payments. Dr. Helgeson knew NAF was their safety net during this short-term challenge, and as for Nonprofits Assistance Fund, it was an opportunity to rekindle a relationship with a long-term client. As an organization that continues to grow, Apple Tree Dental and NAF look forward to exploring further partnerships in the future.